The question that is forever being repeated is: How would the LStR have developed after 1990, if there had not been such profound political changes? The paradigm shift in views regarding the military doctrine of the Warsaw Pact countries had as yet no noticeable impact on the regiment in 1987/88, but would have had an effect after 1990 at the latest.

The formation of an airmobile brigade within the NVA was envisaged, which clearly indicated the defensive nature of actions in potential future hostilities. The structure of this brigade could have been the following: an FJB with four paratroop companies and one to three infantry battalions with grenade launcher and anti-tank platoons. .

In addition, this brigade should also have had an engineer battalion with two companies, a support battalion, an intelligence company and a maintenance company. A newly structured transport helicopter squadron at the service of the brigade was being planned.

However, the course of military history was such that this development never materialized.